Dear Colleagues:

A decade ago, I wrote an article about "how art rapidly changed electronically.
That the art in the digital arena, has come to replace most of the old tasks of
our past. We have already witnessed its impact on 3D graphics, animations
and illustrations. It has set and marked the beginning of a new era and clear
horizon, for those among us who will embrace the magic of it, whether we like
it or hate it.
(The Artists' Web summer of 1996)

Fact of the matter, we are specializing, rearchitecturing and reinventing an
entire structure and approach to enhance our talents, for a better and easier
life. This new technology is not as hot as before. I believe that everyone in the
boat that we ride in, has already gone miles ahead of the converging curve,
that launched us some years ago, thus granted us more power and ability to
this electronic realms.

In the very core of this profound computer revolution, this technology will
continue to dominate and alter our aspects in art. But I can foretell; the ideas,
the style, and that old tasks where we started,will always be our first priorities,
every time we grab our pen and ink. Our Ideas...our minds and styles will
always be the commander in our drawing boards. This electronic magic is just
a secondary help, an embellishment  to our daily chores.

As computer softwares continue to keep on upgrading, we continue to cycle
of a never-ending story. So every time, if we need to catch-up to this never
ending a must to-have technological magic, get our pocket ready for the price.
The graphic tools and OS's makers have never been satisfied with the first
version, then another version....and more versions to come, and this is every

When is the right time to these software companies to figure out the ultimate
upgrade? I don't think they would, for it would be the end of everything in this
avenue we are heading through and already hooked-up. This avenue is
limitless. No are we...

Happy computing and more power to everyone.


Rudy de SanAgustin