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Executive Editor
Medical Dir. & H.R.
Managing Editor
Art Director
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Regional Graphic Consultant
Oliver Valderrama

Layout Artist
Edward Luena

Web Eng. & Designer
Johnny di Velarini Mercadder
Cecilia A. Luena
Editorial Consultant & Spanish Editor

Cmmdr. George Alexander Luena U.S. Army
War Story Editor

Lt. Col. Richard Anthony Luena U.S. Air Force Ret.
Computer Analyst

Game Designer & Developer
Jimmy Relingo
Carlos Bramvilla
Director of Photography
Featured Artists: Alex Niño, Nar Castro,
Vic Catan, Danny Tolentino, Danny
Taverna, Nestor Redondo, Nar Cantillo.
Nestor Malgapo, Nestor Infante
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Computer Graphic Artist
Hunter (hard drive) Dayne
Rudy de SanAgustin
Creative Director
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Princess PHOEBE SOL SanAgustin Brambilla