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The Plight Of
copyrighted July 2004

The year, 3740 hot summer day at the UPOC Chamber.

In a hot mid-summer desert, somewhere in the middle part of the planet, a two hundred and fifty years war
between the Hoozrak rebels and the Valkarrian army keep on going. The United Planetarian Organization
Council has been trying to stop the bloody war between the warring parties for almost 245 years now, but no
solution has ever been accomplished, not even for a day’s ceasefire. The
UPOC now, even presses harder on
the supreme leader of the planet,
(the Union Capital of the Universe) to step up and architect a resolution to
end this battle. The Secretary of the State of UCU with all the delegations from all countries were summoned
for talks at the United Central Brotherhood, (UCB) but all the political strategies went flopped. The war keeps
on going. The UPOC and the UCU have to go back to the main problem, how it started to find a resolution.

“Rooting the main caused of this war maybe could salvage the remaining lives and environment between the
Valkarri and the Hoozrak rebels,” commented the Secretary of UCO.

“Do we have to go back to more than two hundred and fifty years to know the very core of this unending war?”
Cordoheesa Reich, Secretary of the State of UCU asked the members of UPOC trying to get any suggestion
that can resolve the conflict.

“The world knows how it started Madame Reich.” Replied Mahmodd Zakkhan, the President of UPOC seated
beside Sec. Cordoheesa Reich.  

“The Hoozrak cannot mend the wound they’ve left behind the Valkaris. The abduction of Queen Ebrae and
Princess Vranetta, cannot easily be forgotten your honor. Not to include the land the Hoozrak have occupied.
And how about the hundreds and thousands of Valkaris they tortured…they’ve killed?”       

Present Time Summer in the desert Year 3740

The ravaged frontline is shaking. The earth seems to collapse. The blowing of hot wind along the desert brings
chilling sensation…the whoozing and thunderous sounds of rockets and canons…and roars of tanks and air-
strikes…the carnage of human bodies, the smell of burning flesh and bloodsheds disgust the planet’s

A silhouette of a heavy-armed figure rose among the ruins of Valkarri, trying to dissuade the rattling and
smoke of gunfire. From behind the remains, a very warm and harsh voice afloat.

“Rina, Rina Buckstead!” From behind the smokes and flames of a ruined building, a soldier made two steps;
sinewy hands raised, trying to stop the vague figure in the overcast shadow in front of him.     

“Arbakk, git y’er feet-off my path. This ain’t y’er bloody-heezed-war!” Cold-tone-deep, determined and tough
echoed through the glimmering backgrounds of gunfire.

“Nor yours, Rina.” His voice begged. “Not mine, not every state or country either. You’re here to mediate and
stop this nonsense. Aren’t you, Rina Buckstead?”

“They wiped out my family! Rina manages three steps across the smoking rubbles, and remained to her
position, weary eyes point to the north direction of the burning horizon.

“They’ve butchered me, so many times!”  Her slanted moon-shaped eyebrows slowly closing, trying to touch
its other ends…her jaws clinched revealing the utmost anger, deep inside within her burning emotion.

“They killed the only one that makes my very self to live in this crazy world.” She continues.” They’ve taken
everything in me…all of me…my existence!!!” Her voice so full of hatred…her fists closed holding tight a
crusher-75-wakkom caliber still smoking in its end barrel.

“Rina, the Octagon sends me to bring you back. You’ve worsened this conflict. The political situation and
image of the Union will suffer if we cannot end this war soon. If I cannot have you back in seventy two hours,
the Union State Department will send someone to stop you…destroy you. I want you not only for the Union,
Rina, but for our people, for me, for me…for myself.”  

A long deep breath soaring in and out of Rina’s chest, the gritting of her teeth is constantly repeating.

“Gone are the days when I was breathing in my own lungs…when I was feeling and caring with my real
heart…when the blood stream in my very veins flowing with tender love and care. Nothing has left for me now
but to avenge. Go back, Arbakk. Report to the Union, my statement; I’ll fight my war until the last drop of my
blood…until my face and knees touch this ground, and my soul to depart from this world. If I survived this
plight, I will see you at the Union, until then, don’t tell me anything about ye’r feeling towards me. Go back, Lt.
Arbakk Pereez.”

Winter of 3685
The Octagon (UCU Defense Department)

A lady walked through the long corridor heading to the octagon’s chamber, stopped… and opened the
door…blue-eyes wandered among the top brass officials in the assembly room. Her round-eyes pointed to a
uniformed officer in his late 40’s and nodded and with her middle-eastern accent voice said…

“General Patrick Buckstead, your wife is rushed to San Francisco Skyway Maternity Hospital.” That was
Lieutenant Rebba McBeal, officer for UPOC, who just returned from a two-year service, in the southern part of
Morrakaw, border of Valkari and Hoozraku continents.

“A, Segrid will deliver our first child.”  General Patrick replied anxiously with mixed excitement. “Thank you so
much, Reeba. Well, gentlemen, have to end this meeting.” And General Patrick Buckstead rose slowly putting
down a glass of wine on the long black-oak table covered with thick transparent glass top.

“Congratulation, Patrick.”  The secretary of the State gleefully said. Everybody in the assembly room now rose
from their sits shaking hands with General Patrick Buckstead.

To be continued

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Action-packed first illustrated series
Artist: Nestor Malgapo
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